Exterior siding

Last updated May 19, 2024

Montréal residents must comply with certain criteria when choosing exterior siding for a building. The regulations in force in your borough apply to the installation and replacement of brick, stone and wood siding.

Standards for exterior siding on a building can vary based on:

  • the borough
  • the nature of the building (single-family home, semi-detached, multiplex, etc.)
  • the use of the building (residential, commercial, etc.)
  • the façade on which the work will be carried out (front, rear, or sides of the building)
  • neighbouring buildings
  • whether or not the building or area has heritage status

Some boroughs have specific requirements for façades directly on the street. In other boroughs, these requirements apply to all façades visible from the street or sidewalk.

Installation and replacement of siding

Authorized materials

Residents are required to comply with the requirements of their borough and all applicable provincial and federal regulations. Exterior siding must be maintained in such a way that its quality and original appearance are preserved.

Architectural harmony

If most of the buildings in your area are covered with similar exterior siding, you are required, as a general rule, to use a material that is comparable in appearance: colour, tint, texture, dimensions.

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