Last updated December 9, 2021

An excavation permit is required to carry out certain work operations on private or public property. If the work concerns water or sewer services, a cutting permit is required. Find out which permit to apply for, depending on the situation.

Excavation permit

This permit is required to:

  • Replace or waterproof a foundation.
  • Install or replace a French drain. 
  • Install pilings.
  • Decontaminate a lot.
  • Construct a new building.
  • Remove a buried oil tank.

Cutting permit

This permit is required for water and sewer connection work:

  • Water and sewer connections on private property (repairs).
  • Change or replace a connection.
  • Disconnect a water or sewer connection (disjunction and walling).
  • Install a sprinkler.
  • Install new water and sewer connections (existing or new building).

These two types of permit allow you to carry out work on private property and on the public portion.

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