What to do before, during and after renovations

Are you planning to carry out renovation work? Knowing where to start can sometimes be difficult. How much time is needed to apply for a permit? Which by-laws should you know about? Which permits are required? Discover our tips for a successful renovation.

Before starting the work

Proper preparation for a fully compliant renovation

Several by-laws apply to construction and renovation work. Whether you’re planning major renovations or simple repairs, you are required to comply with the applicable standards in the concerned borough. In certain cases, you are also required to obtain a permit.

We advise that you contact the permit counter in your borough before applying for a permit, purchasing materials or starting your renovation work. An agent will help ensure that you are properly prepared for your project.

Historic building or area of significance?

If you plan to carry out work on a historic building or a building located in an area of significance, additional standards and costs may apply. Permit wait times may be longer as well, especially if your project needs to be reviewed by an Urban Advisory Committee (UAC).

Using a street, alley or sidewalk

During your renovation work, you may have to install a container, equipment or scaffolding on the road or sidewalk, or in an alley. If that is the case, you must submit an application for a ”temporary occupancy of public property for construction purposes” permit.

Renovating in Montréal pays off

Does your property need to be renovated? Subsidies are available for minor or major renovations.

Do you intend to restore or replace certain exterior or interior components of your building? The RénoPlex financial assistance program may be just right for you.

Does your project involve work on the structure or foundation, rewiring, or replacing the plumbing? Find out if you’re eligible for the financial assistance program for a Major Residential Renovation.

The city also offers a financial assistance program for the restoration and renovation of heritage buildings (in French).

During renovation work

Observing work schedules

Did you know that there are specific schedules during which work is authorized? Please view these schedules so as to maintain good relations with your neighbours.

Post the permit

After obtaining your permit to carry out the work, you are required to post it until the work is completed. It must be visible from the street.

We also advise that you let your neighbours know about the work before it starts.

After the work is done

Do you have construction debris now that your renovations are done? Wondering what to do with leftover asphalt shingles, stones or even electrical wire? See the list of materials accepted and refused by each borough as well as the collection schedules for heavy objects and construction debris.

If you have any further questions, please contact the permit counter in your borough.

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