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Labour Day - Open or closed in Saint-Laurent

Here is what will be open and closed in Saint-Laurent for Labour Day, Monday, September 5.

Open or closed: Holiday schedule for offices, facilities and services

During the holidays, some Montréal facilities will be closed and some services may be offered according to different schedules.

Impacts of a disaster on property assessment

Has your building been damaged by flooding? Has your house been partially destroyed by fire? Both of these cases could result in a review of your property value. Learn what you need to know in the event of a disaster.

Important Change to Swimming Lessons Offered in Lachine

Following the decision of the Red Cross to no longer offer its swimming lessons program, the borough of Lachine is continuing to offer these services through the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life program.

Water consumption: Best practices for reducing waste

Sewer backups, greenhouse gases, polluted waterways: Our water consumption habits have significant environmental consequences. But by changing certain behaviours, residents can help reduce waste and improve our living environments.

June 24 and July 1st: Open or closed in Saint-Laurent

Here is what will be open and closed in Saint-Laurent for June 24 and July 1.

Many thanks to the pollinators!

Did you know that the pollination of seed plants by certain insects, birds and mammals - called pollinators - makes it possible to consume nearly a third of the fruits, vegetables, condiments and spices found on grocery store shelves?

Advice and resources for newcomers

Have you been in Montréal for less than a year? Do you need advice, support or guidance to get settled? Find out what you need to know.

The cost of a renovation permit

Are you undertaking renovation work that requires a permit? When applying for a permit, you must provide the estimated total cost of the work. You can calculate the cost of the permit as follows.

A Pesticide-free lawn and garden

The sale and use of pesticides is regulated by law in Montréal. Following organic gardening methods is a great way to keep your lawn, garden and vegetable patch healthy and pest-free without using pesticides.