Public participation: Have your say through tools and forums

Last updated June 2, 2021
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Are you interested in getting involved in neighbourhood life? Are you looking for forums where you can contribute to reflection on urban projects that are transforming Montréal? Do you want to participate in a tangible way? Here is a quick overview of the different types of public participation.

What is public participation?

Public participation allows the population to contribute to the democratic life of Montréal or a borough. Residents can participate in areas such as urban planning, culture, the environment, mobility, and economic and social development. By participating, you are helping to develop programs, projects and investments that reflect your needs and aspirations.

Everyone can get involved

No matter where you live in Montréal, you can play an active role in your community. You do not need any particular expertise. Your in-depth knowledge of your neighbourhood and living environment is your passport to participating and making your voice heard.

A range of forums and tools 

The city and its boroughs offer a variety of ways to get involved.

How does public participation influence decisions?

Public participation helps decision-makers to take your point of view into account. 

Before making a final decision, decision-makers take a number of factors into consideration:  

  • Community needs
  • Concerns and proposals put forth by residents during public participation meetings 
  • The city’s strategic priorities and financial capacity
  • Compliance of all laws
  • Successful projects in other cities

A range of forums

The city and its boroughs offer a variety of ways to get involved. No matter who organizes the process, each one is unique and draws on a variety of methods to get your opinions and suggestions.

To understand public participation topics or get details about the decisions being made. You can ask questions or make comments. Can’t attend? Most information is recorded and information about projects is available online.

An opportunity to express your opinions and participate in reflection. These events are hosted by several organizations that study diverse issues such as transportation, heritage, land use planning, democratic life, sports and recreation, social development, the environment, sustainable development and public safety. Click here to sign up to receive invitations to participate in upcoming consultations organized by the following bodies:

To find the best solution, city or borough departments sometimes have residents collaborate directly with their teams. Experts may be hired to help organize the process. 

For example, you could help develop a new library, redesign a park or create a new policy. You’ll also participate in discussions with other residents to look at complex topics in depth. 

See these projects that were developed through a co-creation process: 

A process that puts the power to imagine a project and decide collectively on its implementation back in the hands of the people. Participatory budget exercises are held regularly in many boroughs.

You can ask the city to organize a consultation on a subject that affects you by taking advantage of the right of initiative. You must be 15 years of age or older and a resident of Montréal to apply.

A platform for participation

Also visit Making Montréal, a platform that hosts projects, where the public can complete surveys on travel habits online or vote for a development concept.

What is community involvement?

Do you want to get involved in an initiative near you or carry out a project to improve your living environment? Consult existing support programs:

Advisory boards: Another form of engagement 

Residents are invited to get involved in various organizations that advise the city on varied subjects ranging from heritage and architecture, and intercultural relations to youth and the status of women.