Pedestrian Streets

Last updated April 11, 2024

Pedestrian and shared-use streets, whether permanent or seasonal, provide a safe, enjoyable walking environment in the heart of the city. Try one out and you’ll discover new meeting places and opportunities for relaxation and entertainment in the heart of your favourite neighbourhoods.

Some streets, or street segments, are configured for pedestrians only year-round, while others become temporary pedestrian streets during the summer months. In order to make these streets safer and more pleasant, various elements may be integrated. These include benches, plants, lighting, etc.  

Such configurations allow for public areas to be shared more efficiently, for enhanced pedestrian safety and comfort, and contribute to the city’s vitality. Pedestrian streets improve the quality of life in our neighbourhoods and encourage local purchases.

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Pedestrian or shared streets?

Pedestrian streets 

Vehicular traffic is forbidden. In general, bikers, skateboarders, roller bladers and kick scooter users may use pedestrian streets, provided that they roll slowly and always yield the way to pedestrians. During very busy periods, it is recommended to use these areas on foot only.  

Shared streets 

Shared streets are meant for cars, bikes, skateboards, etc. Pedestrians may use them freely and have absolute priority. The speed limit is 20 km/h.

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