Pedestrian streets and lively public spaces all summer long

Last updated May 8, 2023
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Colourfully designed spaces with lots of plants and shrubs, areas for educational activities and relaxation, picnic areas and special events…Check out the pedestrian streets and public spaces in your neighbourhood!

Entertainment along pedestrian streets

Our pedestrian streets where people can enjoy activities or gathering with friends reflect the unique personality of each neighbourhood and our city’s characteristic charm.

Avenue Bernard

Between Avenue Wiseman and Avenue Bloomfield
May 18 to October 9

Avenue Duluth Est

Between Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Rue Saint-Hubert
June 19 to September 5

Avenue du Mont-Royal

Between Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Rue Fullum
May 20 to September 5

Place du Marché-du-Nord (Marché Jean-Talon)

Between Avenue Casgrain and Avenue Henri-Julien
June 1 to October 15

Rue De Castelnau Est

Between Rue Saint-Denis and Avenue De Gaspé
May 8 to October 10

Rue Ontario Est

Between Boulevard Pie-IX and Rue Darling
June 19 to September 9 

Rue Saint-Denis and Rue Émery

Between Rue Sherbrooke Est and Boulevard De Maisonneuve Est
June 1 to September 30

Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

Between Rue Saint-Hubert and Avenue Papineau
May 19 to October 16

Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest (and part of Rue Balmoral and Avenue Clark)

Between Rue De Bleury and Boulevard Saint-Laurent
May 1 to October 31

Rue Wellington

Between 6e Avenue and Rue Régina
June 5 to September 18

Public spaces

Picnic areas, playful furnishings, open air exhibitions, dance parties, giant games… Our public spaces are full of festivity! Here are a few must-sees:

The Space For Life museums

The five museums of Space for Life offer you a full array of things to do and see this summer. A rich program of exhibitions awaits! Don’t miss the chance to discover the Insectarium’s new facilities with your family, including the Grand Vivarium, a unique space in North America where insects roam free.

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