Public events and festivals

Are you organizing a festival, a march, a parade or a block party? Find out what you need to know to get authorization.

You must submit an application to use public property for purposes other than those normally intended.

Public property includes streets, alleyways, squares, public spaces, sidewalks, medians, off-street bike lanes, parks and public gardens.

You do not need to get authorization for an event with fewer than 50 people such as a picnic, birthday, children’s party or small event. However, a few rules do apply.

See the Promoter’s Guide (in French) for more information. 

Metropolitan events

An event is considered metropolitan according to the following criteria: 

  • Which partners are involved
  • Media interest
  • Impact on public property
  • Route and number of boroughs affected
  • Target audience
  • Number of participants and spectators

Borough events

Do you want to organize a sports, cultural or community event on a street or in a park in your neighbourhood? Conditions and regulations vary depending on your borough.

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