Public events and festivals

Every year, public events of all sizes liven up the city and delight Montrealers. Here’s what you need to know if you want to organize a public event.

The use of public property for special purposes is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. To stage an event, such as a festival, a walk, a parade or a block party, you must submit an application to get the required authorizations. Public property includes streets, alleys, squares and public places. It also includes sidewalks, medians, off-street bicycle lanes, parks and public gardens.

Metropolitan events

An event is considered metropolitan if it is far reaching, and its size is larger than the local level, both in terms of the number of boroughs involved and the following criteria: The partners involved, media interest, impact on public property, the route, the target clientele, the number of participants and spectators, etc. An event can be considered metropolitan if it takes place in a single borough and meets one of these criteria.

Borough events

You can also organize a more local event. Conditions and by-laws vary by borough.

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