Street, lane and sidewalk maintenance

Last updated February 21, 2023

All year long, the city makes sure that streets, lanes and sidewalks are kept clean. Thanks to regular maintenance and prevention operations, people can get around Montréal safely. Our public works teams respond quickly when you report a problem to us.

Cleanliness, repair and prevention

The city is constantly working to maintain good traffic conditions and a clean environment for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Beyond the regular maintenance of roads and sidewalks, Montréal carries out preventive work to maintain the quality of its equipment, prolong its life and prevent damages. We also look after repairing faulty facilities, such as burnt-out traffic lights and damaged urban furnishings.

Cleanliness of streets

Sweeping away dead leaves in the fall, clearing snow in the winter, collecting garbage after cultural and sporting events… street cleaning is a priority in any season. It changes based on weather conditions, and also for various public events.

Maintenance is particularly intense in the spring. As soon as conditions permit, the streets, alleyways and sidewalks are cleaned to get rid of winter abrasives and debris. Spring is also the ideal time to fill potholes in the pavement, which form during the cold season.  Many pieces of equipment, such as sweeper and vacuum trucks, are used to clean up public routes.

Parking during street cleaning

Check the signage before parking your vehicle in the street! Parking is prohibited during certain periods of the year to facilitate maintenance operations such as the mechanical street sweeper, non-urgent roadwork and tree inspection. 

No parking periods are in effect throughout the entire period displayed on the sign and must be obeyed.

Report a problem

Help us keep the streets clean and their facilities in good repair! Did you find a pothole in the street or damaged equipment? A burnt-out or malfunctioning traffic light or street light? Tell us about the problem quickly so we can send a team to fix it as soon as possible.

You can also access data on pavement conditions across the road network (In French) through the city’s open data portal.

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