Street parking

Last updated February 15, 2022

If you want to park your car on the street in Montréal, you need to pay attention to signage. Parking is generally paid on major thoroughfares and shopping streets. In some sectors, parking spaces are reserved for residents if they have a permit.

You can park on the street in many neighbourhoods, which makes it easier to get around by car. However, you need to pay attention to signage: parking in some places is prohibited, or reserved for permit holders. 

Reserved parking zones

To make sure that parking spaces are fairly distributed, some sectors are reserved for permit holders.

Parking permits are made available to residents. Car-sharing organizations such as Communauto can also get them, as well as workers in some cases. Daily and monthly permits are provided in some sectors. Parking permits are issued by boroughs.

Parking meter network

On major thoroughfares and shopping streets, you will usually have to pay for on-street parking. Check the pay station to find out the rate. You can pay at automated pay stations or by using the mobile application.

Motorcycle parking

Parking spaces are reserved for motorcycles in the centre-ville (downtown) sector of Ville-Marie. To see where the spaces are, select the Secteurs Stationnement sur rue moto (On-street motorcycle parking) filter on the interactive map.

Disabled parking

This type of parking is a 6-metre zone marked off by signs on a public road. It does not belong to the person who applies for it and may be used by anyone who has a disabled parking permit from the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

If you need a parking space for someone with a handicap, you must apply to the city for one. 

Disabled passenger drop-off zone

The 2-metre drop-off zone is a prohibited parking area. It allows a disabled passenger to get into or out of a vehicle more safely.

Organizations that want to improve access to their buildings may also submit an application, as may the parents of a child with reduced mobility.

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