Parking stickers

Last updated March 8, 2024

To park your vehicle in residents-only zones, you must have a valid parking sticker. Find out how to get, renew or replace a parking sticker.


Residential parking permits allow people who live in busy areas to park their vehicle on the street near their home. In some boroughs, non-residents may be able to purchase these stickers under certain conditions.   

Resident parking stickers usually need to be renewed every year. They can also be replaced if they are lost, if you move or if you change vehicles.  

In some boroughs, non-residents can also purchase short-term stickers, different from residential parking permits.

Buying a resident sticker

The method of calculating the rate and rules for using stickers are specific to each borough.

Renewing a resident sticker

Shortly before the annual deadline, you will receive a form in the mail explaining the procedure to follow. Don’t forget to send it back in time so you can park near your home with a valid sticker.

Replacing a resident sticker

If you’re in one of the following situations, you must request a replacement sticker:

  • Moving to another parking zone or borough
  • Change of vehicle
  • Lost, stolen or damaged sticker
  • Temporary use of a rental vehicle (your vehicle was damaged or stolen)

Buying a daily or monthly sticker

Occasional and regular visitors can obtain daily or monthly stickers in some boroughs. These allow for temporary parking in resident-only areas.