The city’s mobility squad: Safety first and foremost

Last updated August 11, 2021
Reading time: 1 min

The mobility squad patrols the city to make sure that you can travel safely. It makes sure there are no obstacles in your way on streets and sidewalks and works to improve traffic flow.

Obstacles to your everyday mobility

Whether you’re driving, biking or walking, mobility is an important part of your daily life. Obstacles and nuisances on streets and sidewalks can slow traffic and even be dangerous. The mobility squad acts quickly to clear the path and make sure everyone is safe in situations such as:

  • Illegal or improper parking
  • Unauthorized construction
  • Authorized construction sites that are not compliant with the permit that was issued
  • Road obstructions such as branches, cones or bags
  • broken traffic lights

All of these issues directly impact public property  —  and your travels.

Teamwork to the rescue

The mobility squad, which is composed of 16 members, works closely with Montréal’s police department, its boroughs and the Centre de gestion de la mobilité urbaine (CGMU). Thanks to this teamwork, the squad is able to act quickly on the scene.

Once the squad arrives, it will educate residents about the importance of obeying traffic rules  — but first, it will rectify the situation.

The mobility squad has the authority to:

  • Issue tickets of illegal occupancy
  • Ask an unauthorized construction site to stop its activity
  • Adjust occupancy of public property, in collaboration with the boroughs
  • Coordinate responders, such as police officers and borough technical teams, to rectify the situation

The mobility squad patrols all Montréal boroughs from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday to Friday.

If you encounter a traffic obstacle along your path, please report it by calling 311.