Signage and traffic

Last updated July 26, 2021

There are regulations pertaining to parking and traffic in Montréal. Find out everything you need to know about parking and driving hassle-free in the city.

The purpose of the By-law concerning traffic and parking is to ensure fair sharing of public space. Various types of parking signs are specific to Montréal.

Parking signs

No stopping

Illustration du panneau arrêt interdit.

You may not stop or park your vehicle at this location.

Parking prohibited

Parking is prohibited at specific times. It’s important to do what the sign says in terms of times, days and dates.

Illustration du panneau de stationnement interdit.

Parking reserved

Illustration du panneau de signalisation zone réservé pour personnes handicapées

This parking area is reserved for persons with a disability.

Parking reserved

This parking area is reserved for holders of a residents-only parking permit.

Short-term parking authorized

Parking may be authorized at certain times for people who don’t have a permit. It’s important to follow indications on the signs.

Illustration du panneau pour une zone de stationnement réservé aux détenteurs de vignettes

Parking reserved

Illustration de panneau pour les zones réservées aux taxis

This parking area is reserved for taxis.

Reserved lane

This lane is reserved for buses and taxis at the times indicated on the sign. It is prohibited to stop or park your vehicle in the lane at those times.

Illustration du panneau des voies réservées

Parking prohibitions

You need to be especially careful about the parking regulations: 

  • During street maintenance: parking is prohibited at certain times on certain days to allow the street cleaning truck to pass by and other maintenance works. The parking prohibition must be respected even if the cleaning truck is passed. Check the signs before parking your vehicle!
  • During snow removal: orange panels indicate how to park your vehicle in winter, especially during snow removal operations. These signs take priority, just like the orange signs installed nearby construction areas and during special events and road maintenance operations.

Vision Zero and speed limits

Montréal has committed to improving your safety when you move around in Montréal by subscribing to the Vision Zero Plan. The goal is to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on Montréal roads to zero by 2040.

Gradual reduction of speed limits is one of the key components of this action plan. These reductions will encompass local residential streets, areas surrounding parks, school zones and arteries in every borough.

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