MTL Trajet Study

Last updated May 19, 2024

Help improve your commute by taking part in the MTL Trajet study! By downloading the MTL Trajet app and recording your trips around Montréal, you can help the city improve its urban transportation network… and be eligible to win prizes too!


In a situation where we have so many construction sites, the city wants to make every possible effort to improve users’ mobility across all modes of transportation and plan improvements to the urban transportation network.

The MTL Trajet study collects data on how residents travel around within a designated period of time, thanks to the MTL Trajet mobile app.

Once collated and analyzed, this data will allow us to:

  • Measure the impacts of construction on various trips
  • Calculate travel times
  • Plan detours when the road network is disrupted
  • Better synchronize the traffic lights.

Taking part could be rewarding! If you are eligible (see conditions below), you could take part in a random drawing for a number of cool gifts


Take part in the study

In order to take part in the study, you must:

  • Download the free MTL Trajet app onto your smartphone
  • Identify your place of residence
  • Define your occupation by choosing your responses
  • Identify the location where you work or study
  • Identify the primary means of transportation you usually use to get to work or school
  • Complete the demographic questionnaire.

Each trip you take will automatically be recorded. You don’t have to open the app in the morning or notify it when you leave.

Each day, you have to confirm a log of the trips you took (mode of transportation and places visited). 

Please note: The log for the current day can only be confirmed the next day. 

Have you recorded seven days of trips?

You’re now eligible for the contest, if you meet the following conditions:

  • You live within the territory of the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM)
  • You are age 18 or older
  • You entered your email address when you registered.

Winners will be chosen at random and must present a proof of residence.

You’re invited to continue validating your trips until the study period ends. If you don’t want to continue, you have the option to quit confirming your trips. You just have to answer the question that you will be asked about this.

Prizes to be won

Information coming soon.

Data security

The MTL Trajet application allows us to study how residents travel around and through the metropolitan region.  When we ask participants for certain personal information, it’s for the sole purpose of refining our analysis, so as to end up with the most accurate portrait possible of the transportation situation.

Although they are available on the Montréal open data portal and accessible to our mobility partners, all data received remain anonymous and confidential. The combined trip and socio-demographic data are used only for purposes of this study and are not accessible except to researchers working on this project.

Help and contact

If you have any questions about the MTL Trajet study, using the app, how to register, or if you encounter a technical problem, contact us by email at [email protected]a or view the app Help screen for more detailed advice.

Energy consumption

Every effort has been made to reduce the energy and bandwidth consumption of the MTL Trajet app to a minimum. To this end, the developers have done tests with many users having different telephones and varying travel habits.

However, it is also possible to disable background data usage at any time using the application’s options.

In partnership

The city has released this MTL Trajet app, developed by Concordia University, in collaboration with its mobility partners. The city wishes to thank all its mobility partners.