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“Montréal en statistiques”

“Montréal en statistiques” publishes data that helps to create socio-economic profiles of the city’s neighbourhoods. On this French-language site, you’ll find graphics, charts and maps of data.


CITÉ+ provides information on taxation and on real estate and rental valuation for all property located within the Montréal agglomeration. Users are exclusively real estate professionals.

Index of Montréal’s main streets

They cross Montréal from east to west or from north to south. They are a popular tourist destination because of their shops or their history. When you learn their stories, you’ll never see them the same way. Visit the index of Montréal’s main streets.

Info-travaux map

Before heading out into the city, check out the Info-Travaux map.  This tool allows you to locate all the major projects underway on our roads, find out how they affect the traffic, and better plan your trips.

Land use planning interactive maps

View our interactive maps to find information on zoning, heritage areas, protected spaces and much more.

Learn about place names

The Répertoire historique des toponymes montréalais is an online service (in French) that allows you to learn about the origins and meaning of the names of streets, places, parks, buildings and other public sites in Montréal.

Manage your tax account

Do you own a building in Montréal? Each year, you will receive an invoice for your property tax account.

Map of charging stations for electric vehicles

See this map to locate public charging stations for electric cars by area.

Map of lead service lines

Would you like to know if your home’s water service line is made of lead? Check out our interactive map and see the results of service line screening in Montréal.

Montréal Trucking Route Map

Do you drive a truck or work for a trucking company? Check out our trucking route map to help you better plan your trips around the city and follow the rules in force.