Library subscription

Last updated May 20, 2021

A library subscription allows residents and non residents to benefit from the many services and resources offered across Montréal’s library network. Subscribers receive an individual library card.


Subscribe on site

Residents and non-residents can subscribe on site, at the library, by showing an identification document and proof of address. Subscribers get access to all library services, on site or online, including the digital library services.

Subscribe online

Online subscriptions are available to Montreal residents only. They are valid for three months, and online subscribers have access to the digital library only. 

During the online subscription period, subscribers are advised to go to the library to finalize their subscription so that they can access all the library services.

Free of charge or paid

Subscriptions are free of charge for all residents of one of Montréal’s 19 boroughs. 

People who do not live in Montréal can also subscribe free of charge if:

  • They own a dwelling or a room located in Montréal.
  • They study at an establishment located in Montréal.
  • The are employees of the Ville de Montréal.

In addition, people who represent a Montréal-based school, childcare centre or community organization can get a subscription for their work team free of charge.

People who do not live in Montréal are required to pay a fee.

Renewal of the library card

The conditions for renewal are the same as those for subscription.