Authorization for work involving the water and sewer systems

Last updated October 28, 2021

See our how-tos so you can plan work that involves the waterworks and sewer systems. You’ll find out the steps you need to take, how much time to plan for and how to get permits and authorizations, if needed.


To learn about the steps to follow for each of the procedures shown below, please select your borough.

Shutting off and locating a water service inlet

In order to have an exterior water valve shut off for purposes of carrying out plumbing work.

Repair a sewer connection

In order to repair the public portion of your sewer main, for example if you think it might be broken.

Permit to carry out work on water and sewer service connections

In order to get a permit to shut off service or an excavation permit to change a connection.

Frozen pipes

Find out what to do when you have no running water or you observe a decrease in water flow.

Rainwater management and connection to the domestic waterworks system

Get authorization for rainwater management or connection to the domestic waterworks system, which is required in order to get a permit for construction, conversion or excavation on public property.