Water supply and sewer systems

Last updated May 17, 2022

The city and building owners share the responsibility for maintaining drinking water and sewer pipes. For installation, replacement or repair work, you must contact a plumbing company or the borough to have the work done.

  • If your sewer connection has to be repaired, your borough can carry out corrective work on the portion located on public property.
  • In order to replace your drain, repair pipes on your property, or change the diameter of the sewer, you must get a cutting permit from your borough.
  • If you don’t have running water and your pipes seem frozen, there may be a problem with the public portion. Please contact 311.
  • Do you need to shut off the water inlet valve to carry out plumbing work? Please contact us, as only municipal employees are authorized to operate the water inlet valve. Allow for a delay before the work is carried out.
  • If your project involves storm water management or connection to the domestic waterworks system, you may need authorization.
Drinking water
  • Building owners are responsible for the water supply pipes leading from their building up to the limits of the property. 
  • When the pipes freeze, for example, the city takes corrective action on the public portion, that is from the exterior valve up to the hook-up with the primary main, which is generally beneath public property.
  • Building owners are responsible for the sewer pipes leading from their property up to the exterior valve (service box) located between their building and the primary water main beneath the street.
  • In the event of problems related to the structure of the sewer, the city will take action only on the public portion, generally located beneath the street. Certain conditions apply.

Maintenance tips

Creating good habits helps avoid unpleasant incidents and extends the lifespan of your plumbing. Learn more about everyday actions to take in order to maintain your plumbing and prevent malfunctions (clogged drains, frozen pipes, etc.) Learn how to install gutters correctly and avoid water infiltrations.

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