Access to a computer or a tablet

Last updated April 1, 2021

The services available to Montréal library users include Internet access, access to spreadsheet programs and word processing software, printing, digitization, and document photocopying.


In order to login from a public computer at the library, borrow a tablet or a laptop computer, all you need is a library card number and a password. This service is reserved for people ages 14 and older.


Users are required to reserve with a librarian on site or by telephone.

Stations can be used for:

  • 30 consecutive minutes, on several occasions.
  • A maximum of two hours per day.
  • A maximum of four hours per week.


A computer can also be used for 15 minutes without a reservation, as soon as one becomes available.

Conditions for borrowing a tablet vary from one library to the next.

Printing and photocopies

The following fees apply:

  • Printing: $0.25 per page, in black and white
  • Photocopies: $0.15 per page, in black and white
  • Digitizer: free of charge

Wireless Internet access

The mtlwifi network can be used from a personal laptop computer.

Applicable rules 

Certain rules apply to the use of a public computing station, tablet or laptop computer.

Do not carry out financial transactions

Users are advised not to carry out online financial transactions from a public computer. In addition, it’s important to protect your personal data.

View appropriate content

The content viewed on a library computer must not come from an illegal site or run the risk of shocking other users.

Watching out for children

Stations for children ages 13 and under are equipped with content filters. Nevertheless, adult companions must ensure that the content viewed by children is appropriate.