Bicycle network map

Last updated April 2, 2024

Do you use a bicycle to get to work, even in winter? Are you a bicycle enthusiast? Do you cycle as a family? View the map to plan for safe trips.


Montréal’s bicycle network totals 1065 kilometres. It is made up of bike paths and bike lanes, of which 729 kilometres can be used year-round. Use this map, which is updated regularly, to identify the different types of safe routes available and to locate the different EBN (Express Bike Network) paths.


To find the closest paths, enter your address or the address of the place where you are currently located.

The networks

  • The all-season network is cleared of snow in the winter
  • The seasonal network, open from April 1 to November 15, includes all-season paths as well as supplemental routes, in particular in parks

Types of routes

  • In protected bike lanes, cyclists are separated from vehicles by physical elements such as a barrier or posts
  • Shared routes are streets that both cyclists and motorists use, on some of them the bike lane is identified by markings on the road
  • Multi-use paths are routes that are off-road, or along a street. Both walking and cycling are allowed on these paths