MTLWiFi: Terms of use

Last updated April 4, 2024
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The terms of use for MTLWiFi aim to maintain the network in good working order and to protect its users.  By using this free, wireless Internet access, you fully acknowledge and accept these terms of use.

The terms of use constitute a full agreement between yourself and the city, and they replace all previous versions, as well as any prior communication in this regard. They do not require a signature, but they are deemed to be a valid contract.

Minors or persons incapable of giving consent

MTLWiFi is a service meant for adult individuals who can give consent. The use of this service by minors or by persons incapable of giving consent falls under the exclusive responsibility of their parents or legal guardians.

The latter are responsible for agreeing to the terms of use, as well as for the use of MTLWiFi made by the minor children or the persons incapable of giving consent.

Personal information

In order to protect your privacy, no nominative information will be disclosed, published, sent or sold to a third party without your explicit consent, unless a search warrant or other ordinance issued by a court of justice requires such disclosure.
Only the following information will be archived without your permission:  

  • The MAC (Media Access Control) address of the device used to connect.
  • The duration of use.
  • The name of the access zone used.
  • The quantity of data transmitted during every connection.

The content used or the destination of your Internet use will not be archived. In exceptional circumstances, these elements may be analyzed to locate a technical problem.

You will never need to provide personal information in order to use MTLWiFi.

Forbidden use

MTLWiFi must only be used for activities that are legal, which means in accordance with the law. Any inappropriate use will be exclusively your responsibility. You will be held accountable for any damage caused to the city or to third parties.

Illegal, abusive or offensive activities

It is strictly forbidden to use MTLWiFi for illegal, abusive or offensive activities.  These include:  

  • Downloading or providing offensive material. 
  • Committing or promoting a crime.  
  • Stalking, harassing or threatening people or violating their rights in any capacity.  
  • Interrupting or interfering with access to or use of the MTLWiFi service, the Internet, networks, computers or other devices. 
  • Downloading or sharing viruses or other harmful components. 
  • Defaming MTLWiFi users, or interfering with their use of the service.

Copyright violations

You must obtain prior authorization from the authors of owners of material in order to use, download, copy or share the following types of content:

  • Material protected by copyright, trademark, patents or trade secrets. 
  • Anything that is protected by intellectual property rights.

It is forbidden to falsify or delete the following:

  • Authorship 
  • Legal disclaimers 
  • Property designations 
  • Tags showing the origin or source of software
  • Any other element contained in a file.

Spam and defamation

It is forbidden to use MTLWiFi to send spam or other unsolicited messages. 

It is also forbidden to use the service to defame an individual or a business, or to publish or share defamatory or obscene material, or anything that is immoral, illegal or that disturbs the peace.

Malware and viruses

It is forbidden to download files containing malware or other material containing:  

  • Viruses
  • Trojan horses
  • Worms
  • Cancelbots
  • Timebombs
  • Corrupted files
  • Any other program or software that is likely to damage or hinder the MTLWiFi service, or other city or third party networks and devices.

Intensive use

The MTLWiFi service is offered for occasional use while roaming. It is forbidden to use the service recurrently and intensively from your home. Such use is considered abusive.

Restricting use or access

It is forbidden to prevent others from using MTLWiFi or to limit their access to the service.

Data collection

Unauthorized data collection or the collection of information concerning a third party, including email addresses, is forbidden.

Fake identity

It is forbidden to create a fake identity with the purpose of confusing a third party.

It is also forbidden to use, download, copy or share with third parties (whether for profit or not):  

  • Any directory or information concerning the users of MTLWiFi.
  • All digital assets (data, software, user licenses, etc.)


The resale or redistribution of bandwidth or of any other component of MTLWiFi for any purpose is strictly forbidden.


Exclusion of warranties

The MTLWiFi service is offered without warranty of any kind. You accept to use it at your own risk. For instance, the city does not guarantee any level of performance of MTLWiFi.

 You understand and agree that all content accessed through MTLWiFi may be subject to network management to ensure that every user has reasonable access to the service.

Damaged or lost data

The city accepts no liability for damaged or lost data resulting from the use of MTLWiFi.

 For example, the city is not responsible for routing errors, loss of information or of data on your device, delayed delivery or unforeseen service interruptions.

It is your responsibility to use your connection correctly and you agree not to act in a way that could damage the systems, equipment, services or Web sites that are accessed directly or indirectly through MTLWiFi, in accordance with the terms of use.

Moreover, you agree that you have the technical knowledge required to use this service with your own equipment.

Shared resources and safety measures

You acknowledge that, by their very nature, the Internet, MTLWiFi services and operation systems enable the sharing of resources among Internet users.

Moreover, you agree that you are aware of the safety measures preventing the sharing of these resources.

Consequently, you release the city of any liability should you share such resources, resulting in direct or indirect damages to yourself or to a third party.

Compensation and waiver of the right to sue

You agree to be held fully liable of your use of MTLWiFi and to compensate the city, its employees and suppliers for any damages.

You also waive your right to undertake any legal action, procedure or claim related to this use.

The city’s rights

As part of the MTLWiFi service, the city reserves the right to take the following measures, at it sees fit:  

  • Limit the bandwidth (speed or volume).
  • Suspend services provided to a person, limit them or discontinue services at any time and for any reason, without prior notice.  
  • Block sites containing sensitive or criminal content or block certain protocols. 
  • Collect information likely to be sent to the competent authorities for the purposes of an investigation.  
  • Amend the terms of use at any time, without prior notice. You are thus encouraged to check the terms of use regularly.

IP Address

Any IP address assigned to you by the MTLWiFi service always remains city property. IP addresses may change at any time at the city’s discretion, without prior notice.  

The city is not responsible for any claim, damage, loss or expense resulting from a change in IP address.

Content control

The city may, at its discretion, control information shared on its networks or block content, namely at the request of a competent authority.  

The city will however not be liable for any content that is shared on its networks.  

You are entirely responsible for your content, and if it is shared, sent or received, any person who shares it becomes liable as well.

Use of other networks

Since the MTLWiFi network can be used to connect to other networks, you must comply with the policies of those networks.

Application of local laws in case of a legal action

The terms of use of MTLWiFi are regulated by Québec laws. Legal action in this regard must be instated in the Montréal judicial district.

Coming into force

These terms of use came into force on December 3, 2019.


Updated on April 4, 2024.