Commercial development corporations

Last updated March 31, 2021

A commercial development corporation is a non-profit association that aims to promote an area’s economic development.

The borough council determines the limits of a commercial zone, within which one sole commercial district can be formed.

A business establishment is an entity in which an economic or administrative activity takes place for lucrative or non-lucrative purposes. Some examples include shops, service companies and professional offices.

There are more than 20 commercial development corporations within city limits.

Annual contribution

Contributions are determined according to the corporation’s annual budget, which is approved by the borough council. The calculation of members’ contributions is set according to this budget and the parameters chosen by each corporation. As one example, a commercial development corporation can decide to charge contributions based on the area of the place of business, or to set rates based on the value of the premises.

Montréal supports commercial development corporations. In particular, the city bills and collects annual contributions.

To have voting rights at corporation meetings, members must have paid their annual contribution.


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