Accès Montréal network and 311

The Accès Montréal network is residents’ gateway to city services. It includes the 311 services centre, which handles resident requests by phone and e-mail, as well as the Accès Montréal offices in all 19 of Montréal’s boroughs.



The network’s mission is to provide Montrealers with quality information and orientation around municipal services.  

The Accès Montréal network, which is guided by the principles of accessibility, efficient service and quality relationships with Montréal residents, sets out its commitments and standards for service by phone, in person and by e-mail in its service declaration (in French).


  • Residents and non-residents of the island of Montréal
  • Companies
  • Public organizations
  • Non-profit organizations

Service channels

Accès Montréal offices

Accès Montréal offices are service counters that are available to people who would like to be served in person.

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Digital services

The city’s Web site is full of information about municipal activities, services and programs. You can also submit comments, questions, requests or complaints by e-mail. 

With the Montréal - Resident Services app, you can report problem situations in all of Montréal’s 19 boroughs.