Submit an arts project to the arts centre network

Last updated July 31, 2023

Are you an artist or an arts organization who would like to submit an arts project to the arts centre network? Here’s how it works.

Maisons de la cultures/Arts centres

The Montréal arts centres present 3,000 shows, exhibitions and projections each year. They aim to make culture accessible to all Montrealers throughout the city. The multidisciplinary program highlights emerging and established professional artists, and reflects the diversity of the city’s population. You can attend events for free or for an affordable price.

A wide range of art forms are staged at many types of venues (performance halls, exhibition halls, churches, community centres, parks and public squares, etc.).

Submit a show project

Do you want to propose a show? You can submit your project on either of the two platforms below.

All projects are considered equally, whatever platform you choose. 

Scène Pro platform

You can submit a project on the Scène Pro platform (in French) for shows intended for the arts centre network and for presenters across Quebec. Registration fees apply if you want to submit a project.

Google form

If you do not want to submit a project on Scène Pro, please complete this form (in French). No registration fees apply.

Submit a proposal for an exhibition or projection

To propose an exhibition or projection, please fill out this form (in French).

Selection criteria

To design their cultural program, cultural officers in each borough choose events based on characteristics of their borough such as population, type of venue available, the geography of the territory and the priorities of the borough’s cultural development plan.

Registration period

For proposing shows: 

Deadlines for receipt of the proposal: 

  • June 1, 2023 for the winter-spring 2024 season 
  • December 1, 2023 for the summer and autumn 2024 seasons 
  • June 1, 2024 for the winter-spring 2025 season


For exhibition or projection projects

You can submit your project all year long (no deadline).

Proposer un projet de résidence artistique

Vous souhaitez proposer un projet de résidence artistique? Veuillez consulter ce guide.

Directory and technical specifications

Find the complete contact information for the arts centres in each borough and the technical specifications of their facilities.