Media and film shoots

Last updated April 20, 2022

Montréal offers services to help the media work at the Lucien-Saulnier building.

Contacts for interview requests

Mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante 

Catherine Cadotte, 514 465-2591, [email protected]

Members of the executive committee

Marikym Gaudreault, 438-925-0884, [email protected]

Leader of the official opposition

Lindsay-Anne Prévost, 514-296-5356, [email protected]

Chair of the council

[email protected]

Elected officials

Consult the directory

The Division des relations de presse of the Service de l’expérience citoyenne et des communications

[email protected]

Film shoots at the Lucien-Saulnier building

For all requests to shoot a film, short film or documentary at the Lucien-Saulnier Building, contact the  Bureau du cinéma et de la télévision de Montréal. Each request is assessed and referred to the Bureau de la présidence du conseil, which gives the final authorization. At all times, film shoots must maintain the decorum of the site, and must be used for non-promotional purposes only.