Construction in parks:Creating spaces that are more inviting and more accessible

Last updated June 30, 2021
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Montréal has nearly 1,500 local parks and 21 large parks that are open to the public in its 19 boroughs. Each year, we carry out construction and renovation projects in parks to make them more inviting and more accessible to everyone.

A vast and diverse network

Montréal’s network of parks is composed of more than 8,300 hectares of green spaces  —  the equivalent of 11,860 football fields. It comprises:

  • Eight nature parks that are open to the public. These carefully conserved natural spaces feature rich biodiversity, such as Cap-Saint-Jacques in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.
  • Four metropolitan parks. These vast and well-known spaces offer a wide variety of activities, like the Parc du Mont-Royal. 
  • 10 urban parks. These multi-purpose spaces see a lot of user traffic from several different boroughs, like the Parc Angrignon in Le Sud-Ouest on the border of LaSalle and Verdun.
  • Nearly 1,500 local parks. These landscaped spaces are designed for the needs of area residents, such as the Parc Molson in Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie

Work in parks

We are doing work to adapt parks to users’ needs and to new environmental realities like conservation of biodiversity.

Here are some of the projects being carried out in parks:

  • Seeding and tree planting
  • Creating trails
  • Building and renovating chalets
  • Replacing the lighting system
  • Adding playground equipment and play fountains
  • Adding or replacing street furniture like public benches and lamp posts
  • Creating community gardens
  • Maintenance of playground equipment and playing fields

Large-scale projects are also being carried out, usually following public consultation activities or based on city orientations. This is how we make sure that projects correspond to the expectations of the population and various groups of people that visit parks.

For example, after consultations were held with the entire Montréal population, the city is currently redeveloping Parc La Fontaine in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal in order to renovate the  Théâtre de ​​​​​​​Verdure and build a family space.

Did you know?

Any time work is performed in large parks, regulations concerning plants and animals must be followed. For example, depending on the location, work may be limited to a short period in the spring and fall so as not to disturb birds’ nesting season. We also make sure that access to parks is maintained for visitors, families and school groups during work. We also limit obstructions on adjacent streets as much as possible.