The EBN Jean-Talon/Bélanger: start of development work

Last updated June 20, 2024
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A route of the Express Bike Network (EBN) is planned on Rue Jean-Talon and Rue Bélanger. It stretches 15 kilometers from west to east, between the future Namur-Hippodrome neighbourhood and Boulevard des Galeries d’Anjou. A first section will be completed by the end of autumn 2024.

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From late spring to late autumn 2024


  • Rue Jean-Talon, between Rue Boyer and 1re Avenue
  • Rue Bélanger, between 1re Avenue and Rue De Normanville


Work planned on Rue Jean-Talon :

  • Development of a one-way eastbound bike lane, wide enough for cyclists to pass one another
  • Improvement of the asphalt coating to ensure a comfortable ride
  • Construction of vegetated projections on some cross-streets to make intersections safer
  • Installation of concrete curbs to separate the bike lane from the traffic lane
  • Addition of a buffer zone between the parking lane and the bike lane
  • Adjustment of traffic lights

Work planned on Rue Bélanger:

  • Road markings on the westbound bike path to identify the lane reserved to cyclists
  • Planning of a permanent bike lane in progress

Traffic and parking

On Rue Jean-Talon:

  • Removal of one traffic lane per direction
  • Removal of around 25 % of the spaces to make certain intersections safer to cross. Maintaining the majority of places.
  • Relocating bus stops before certain intersections to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.


  • Facilitate west-to-east travel and improve access to a number of destinations, including parks, schools, daycares, and Jean-Talon market
  • Get around smoothly to the Jean-Talon hospital and the nearby medical clinics
  • Cover long distances while staying on the cycling network

Information session

Consult the Information session Q & A (in French)

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