Extension of the bike path on Rue Villeray

Last updated June 16, 2022
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This summer, the bike path on Rue Villeray will be extended from Rue Boyer to 24e Avenue. Spanning a distance of 3.5 km, this new east-west section will be accessible 12 months a year.

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Start of work operations: Summer 2022Début des travaux : été 2022

End : August 2022


On Rue Villeray between Rue Boyer and 24e Avenue


The extension will consist of one-way bike lanes on either side of the street, marked off by bollards.

A detour in the eastbound direction of the bike path is planned on Rue L.-O.-David between Rue Des Écores and 6e Avenue, due to the width of Rue Villeray along this section.

Traffic and parking after the work operations

  • Maintenance of car traffic lanes
  • Maintenance of drop-off lanes and delivery zones
  • Maintenance of the 99 bus route
  • Change in the traffic lights to ensure traffic safety
  • Removal of parking on both sides of the street over most of this section (335 spaces)


Thanks to this new bike path, it will become possible to safely access, by bicycle:

  • 26 parks in Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension via the bike path network. 
  • Several other existing north-south bike paths (Boyer, De Normanville, Chambord, Rousselot, Fabre) and projected north-south bike paths (Christophe-Colomb, Sagard, 1re Avenue).
  • Several local elementary and high schools, including the Joseph-François-Perrault, John-F.-Kennedy, Georges-Vanier and Lucien-Pagé high schools.

Active transportation helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving public health.

The borough had a survey conducted by the Léger firm in 2021, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ombudsman de Montréal. Its objective was to gauge support for a future bike path on Rue Villeray among residents of the borough. The complete results of the survey are available for viewing.

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