Extension of the EBN Saint-Denis: configuration work up to Rue Cherrier

Last updated February 28, 2024
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Since August 2023, Rue Saint-Denis and Rue Cherrier are reconfigured in order to allow for the extension of the Express Bike Network (EBN).

Everything there is to know about the project


Beginning of work: August, 2023
End of work: spring 2024


  • On Rue Saint-Denis, between Rue  Roy adn Rue Cherrier
  • On Rue Cherrier, between Rue Berri and Rue Saint-Denis.


A one-way protected lane will be configured along each side of Rue Saint-Denis, between the sidewalk and vehicular traffic lanes.   

The new bike lanes will be separated from vehicular traffic lanes and protected by a concrete curb. They will be accessible year-round and will be sufficiently wide to allow passing. 

New lanes will also be added along Rue Cherrier, linking Rue Saint-Denis to Rue Berri. On the North side, cyclists will have access to a two-way path. On the south side, they will be able to travel eastbound on a one-way lane.

Traffic and parking

  • Removal of one vehicular traffic lane in each direction on Rue Saint-Denis, from Rue Roy to Rue Cherrier
  • Removal of one vehicular traffic lane in each direction on Rue Cherrier, between Rue Saint-Denis and Rue Berri 
  • Addition of 2 bus platforms on Rue Saint-Denis 
  • Public transit services maintained
  • Changes to traffic lights for safe, streamlined travels at intersections
  • 20% of parking spaces maintained


The Express Bike Network will allow for: 

  • safe travels for all modes of transportation
  • improved bike path connectivity: easy access to the bike paths on Rue Berri and on Avenue des Pins, as well as to local stores and restaurants  
  • lighter vehicular traffic resulting from the removal of traffic lanes 
  • more equitable road sharing
  • active and sustainable mobility

Notice of work