Five reasons to take your child to story hour

Last updated May 31, 2021
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Montréal’s public libraries are offering story hours in all boroughs. This free activity, which is led by enthusiastic librarians, is for a variety of age groups. Here are five good reasons to attend with your family.

1. To learn

Reading gives children the opportunity to learn new words and enrich their vocabulary through the stories they discover. The wide variety of topics addressed in stories give kids the chance to learn things and expand their general knowledge. Not only is reading fun, it’s a great learning activity. 

2. To imagine

Stories take kids to other worlds, other places and other times. Not only is reading cheaper than a Disney subscription, reading lets kids escape from their routines and everyday lives. It helps to nourish their imaginations and develop their creativity. 

3. To listen

Listening to an adult read a story is a great chance for kids to practice their listening skills and learn to pay attention.

4. To understand

Stories help kids recognize and understand their emotions. Stories feature characters who are facing or moving through challenges. Children often identify with these characters and imagine themselves in the stories being told. By being exposed to a number of scenarios, children begin to understand that a wide range of happy and unhappy situations can occur, which helps them understand the realities of the world they live in. 

5. To discover

For small children, hearing a story is a whole experience in and of itself. The child can look, listen and touch all at once. All of her senses are stimulated.

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