Grand parc de l’Ouest: A large-scale collective project

Last updated December 1, 2022
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Located in Montréal’s West Island, the Grand parc de l’Ouest spans more than 3,000 hectares, or about 30 km².

This large-scale project, aimed at protecting our natural environments and biodiversity, is part of the city’s ecological transition initiative.

Soon to be one of the largest municipal parks in Canada 

The Grand parc de l’Ouest stretches out over two boroughs (Pierrefonds-Roxboro and Île-Bizard - Ste-Geneviève) and four reconstituted cities (Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Kirkland, Beaconsfield and Village of Senneville). It encompasses the Parc agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche, the Parc-nature des Rapides-du-Cheval-Blanc, and the three following nature parks:

A rich and accessible biodiversity

The Grand parc de l’Ouest is home to highly diversified ecosystems, including wetlands, woodlands, forests, swamps and agricultural lands, all within striking distance of the city.

Montréal is working to make the Grand parc de l’Ouest accessible to everyone, both in terms of getting there and enjoying its facilities to the fullest. Visitors can soak the sights and sounds of nature, without having to leave the island.

History of the project

In 2019, the projected location of the Grand parc de l’Ouest was determined through the adoption of a delimitation by-law. Its entry into force allowed the city to reach agreements with property owners in the area for purposes of creating a regional park.

To date, the city has acquired more than 200 hectares of land with the objective of protecting the natural environments within the park.

The population at the heart of planning

In 2020, a consultation with residents and partners helped create a collective vision, along with values and guiding principles for the project.

Following the consultation in 2020, the Service des grands parcs du Mont-Royal et des sports developed a park planning exercise in 2021. Development guidelines, including strategic areas of action and objectives, were formulated to chart the future of this new large park.

Information Session

Attend the virtual information session to learn about the project’s progress since the public consultations.

Question/answer - virtual information session november 8, 2022.

Presentation - virtual information session november 8, 2022

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