The Nature and Sports Plan: Integrating nature into the city

Last updated December 8, 2022
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Montréal’s Nature and Sports Plan aims to enhance the city’s large parks and sports facilities. It sets out tangible actions to protect biodiversity and our natural heritage while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle to the population.

Protection of urban green and blue spaces

Discover the targets Montréal has set itself to meet the proposed world objective for urban green and blue spaces.

The Nature and Sports Plan, which has four major components, puts nature at the heart of the city to improve our quality of life and help fight climate change. Its ambitious objectives offer courses of action to shape and protect our city in order to meet the current and future needs of the population.

Component 1: Green Montréal

Montréal has placed biodiversity and green spaces at the centre of its concerns. By adopting this plan, the city is implementing courses of action to fight climate change and rethink nature in the city collectively. The plan sets out a number of actions to protect our natural heritage, create new points of contact with nature and ensure the growth of our urban forest.

Projects include:

  • Planting 500,000 trees between now and 2030
  • Developing new parks
    • The Grand parc de l’Ouest
    • The Parc-nature de l’écoterritoire de la falaise
    • A nature hub in eastern Montréal
  • Finalizing the design of Parc Frédéric-Back
  • Linking living spaces to large parks through a network of green corridors 
  • Protecting natural environments to reach the target of 10 per cent, namely by obtaining the status of man-made landscape for L’île Bizard
  • Offering quality experiences and sharing collective space 

Component 2: Blue Montréal

Montréal’s rivers, islands and wetlands are part of its identity. This is why, in this plan, the city has set out a clear vision that aims to sustain and protect waterways and shorelines while making shores more accessible.

Projects include:

  • Rehabilitating shorelines in Montréal’s large parks 
  • Restoring wetlands and water environments
  • Developing a new shoreline park in Lachine.

Component 3: Montréal’s Mountain

Mount Royal is our city’s natural treasure. The Parc du Mont-Royal, a natural heritage site, offers a multitude of outdoor activities as well as a diverse program of educational and cultural events. 

Projects include:

  • Protecting and preserving Mount Royal’s characteristic features
  • Transforming mobility on the mountain through safer, easier access to the site 
  • Create a new experience for visitors to this emblematic site

Component 4: Active Montréal

Montréal wants to encourage the population to adopt an active lifestyle.

Projects include:

  • Improving local sports facilities
  • Supporting regional sports
  • Offering a network of sustainable, high-quality sports infrastructures
  • Encouraging influential, community-building sports events

At the heart of Montréal 2030 strategic planning

The Nature and Sports Plan will help to accelerate the city’s ecological transition. It is a consistent part of the Montréal 2030 strategic planning, which aims to define a future vision for Montréal anchored in economic, social and cultural resilience.

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