Lachine's Gala Reconnaissance

Last updated March 28, 2024
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Do you know someone, a group or an organization that has particularly distinguished themselves on the cultural, sports, social or economic development scene? Between now and February 23, 2024, nominate them for Lachine’s Gala Reconnaissance 2024.

This annual gala of appreciation recognizes artistic and athletic excellence, the contribution to economic development and courage as well as a sense of responsibility and civic duty. Nine awards are presented and two people are inducted into the culture and sports hall of fame.  

A gala to recognize volunteer work as well

The Gala Reconnaissance replaces the Gala Au fil de l’excellence, which was last held in 2019. Since then, the award categories have been redesigned to make them more inclusive, in particular. Also, volunteers from all recognized organizations in Lachine will be invited to attend this renewed gala in order to recognize their commitment and dedication to the community.

Discover the various awards in the following categories:

  • The Prix Reconnaissance (Appreciation award) recognizes a volunteer for his/her work as a whole.
  • The Prix Conseil jeunesse de Lachine (Lachine’s youth council award) promotes volunteering in Lachine among 15-25-year-olds by highlighting the recent involvement of a person, group or organization in the community.
  • The Mérite civique (Civic award): Any Lachine resident who has carried out an unpaid, volunteer action that has contributed to the well-being of an individual, a group of individuals or the community. This award is not intended to highlight personal successes, professional achievements or volunteer contributions under an organization, but rather, it recognizes a resident’s own initiative.
  • The Prix Michel-Ménard award recognizes a volunteer or non-volunteer, a group of residents or an organization (1) that has distinguished themselves during the year through their involvement, thereby contributing to improving Lachine residents’ quality of life or (2) that has taken action that has had a significant impact on the borough.
  • The Prix Noël-Spinelli (Noël-Spinelli award) honours an individual, company or recognized organization whose activities have a cultural, social or economic impact.
  • The Prix Artiste professionnel ou amateur (Professional or amateur artist award) is given to an artist (visual arts, digital arts, crafts, literature, performing arts and cinema) who has distinguished himself/herself through an achievement and who has persevered in his/her discipline.
  • The Prix Patrimoine  (heritage award) is designed to recognize the efforts made by residents to enhance the built heritage and promote intangible heritage.
  • The Panthéon de la culture (Cultural hall of fame award) recognizes the contribution of an artist, artisan or other person who has made an outstanding contribution to Lachine’s cultural development or influence. The Panthéon de la culture is awarded by the panel of judges.

  • The Prix Athlète de l’année (Athlete of the year award) is presented to an athlete who has competed in an individual or team sport at the local, regional, provincial, national and international level. 
  • The Prix Équipe de l’année (Team of the year award) is presented to a permanent group of athletes in a team or individual sport who compete at the local, regional, provincial, national or international level.
  • The Panthéon des sports (Sports hall of fame) recognizes the contribution of an individual (ex-athlete, ex-coach, ex-official or ex-administrator) who has performed or made an impact at the national and international level. The Panthéon des sports is awarded by the panel of judges.

The Prix Développement économique rewards an individual, business or organization recognized for his/her/its commitment to activities that contribute to the borough’s economic development, thereby reflecting the award winner’s corporate spirit.

The Prix Courage et détermination recognizes an individual on the cultural, community or sports scene who, through his/her courage and determination, has achieved personal goals that take into account his/her abilities and the challenges he/she has faced on his/her personal journey.


Nominees must reside in the borough of Lachine. Except for the panthéon (hall of fame) awards, achievements must have taken place in 2023.
Only one award per category will be given. However, the selection committees may recommend to Borough Council that one or more special mentions be awarded.


Until February 23, 2024, submit nominations for various awards. Whether it’s someone in your neighbourhood, a family member, an organization or a sports club, there is surely someone close to you who has stood out for his/her commitment.
A selection committee made up of elected officials and employees will examine the various files and choose the award winners. The winners will receive an invitation in April to attend the Gala Reconnaissance to be held in May.

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