LaSalle's Participatory Budget: Report on the 1st Edition (2021)

Last updated September 12, 2022
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In 2021, a sum of $150,000 will be devoted to carrying out projects submitted by and for LaSalle residents, who have selected their three favourite projects from among a total of seven.

Following the distribution of the 609 valid votes, three projects will be carried out within the $150,000 budget. 

Winning projects 

1. Fruits within reach (47.6% support) 

Planting fruit bushes to make them accessible to residents and allow them to “adopt” them.

Two locations are being considered: Parc de l’Aqueduc, in the right-of-way of the lines that Hydro-Québec is dismantling, or in the park on the grounds of borough hall (bounded by Airlie/Dupras/LaSalle)

Budget: $70,320

2. Gardening together(39.4% support)

Development of an above-ground community garden

Location considered: Parc des Rapides, near the Knights of Columbus building

Budget: $70,320

3. Outdoor ping-pong (38.8% support)

Installation of 3 ping-pong tables in the parks

Two locations considered: Parc Lefebvre (2 tables) and Parc Hayward (1 table)

Budget: $22,200


These projects total $132,840 out of an overall available budget of $150,000. The remaining amount will be retained to absorb any cost adjustments that may be required while carrying out the three projects. This amount can also be used to enhance the projects. 

Implementation of the projects by the borough and follow-up after they are carried out will be spread out over a period of two years.

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