The MIL Montréal project

Last updated August 5, 2022
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Located at the junction of four boroughs and the Town of Mount Royal, the giant MIL project aims to revitalize the former site of the Outremont rail yard and the surrounding area. How? By creating a sustainable neighbourhood including a green yet urban university campus.

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Work undertaken by the city began in 2014 and will continue for fifteen years.


The boroughs of Outremont, Rosemont‒La Petite-Patrie, Villeray‒Saint-Michel‒Parc-Extension and Le Plateau‒Mont-Royal.


Travaux en cours en 2022

  • Finalisation de la place Alice-Girard et de l’avenue Outremont
  • Inauguration du parc Dickie-Moore avec l’installation des équipements de jeux et finalisation des travaux sur l’avenue De L’Épée
  • Réhabilitation et aménagement de surface du parc Dickie-Moore de la rue De L’Épée
  • Finalisation des travaux de prolongement de l’avenue Thérèse-Lavoie-Roux et ouverture sur l’avenue du Parc
  • Conception et installation de l’oeuvre Sporophores de Michel de Broin le long de la promenade Camille-Laurin
  • Installation des équipements de jeux du parc Pierre-Dansereau
  • Marquage cyclable temporaire des rues Beaubien Ouest, Saint-Urbain, Hutchison et Durocher
  • Aménagement du passage à niveau Ogilvy
  • Infrastructures souterraines des rues du secteur Atlantic
  • Aménagement de surface du prolongement de l’avenue Thérèse-Lavoie-Roux jusqu’à l’avenue du Parc
  • Réaménagement de surface des intersections Acadie/Beaumont, Birnam/Beaumont et Acadie Jean-Talon
  • Parc Pierre-Dansereau et des avenues Querbes et Champagneur.
  • Aménagement de surface temporaire de l’avenue Wiseman.
  • Aménagements temporaires pour sécuriser les intersections Acadie/Beaumont et Birnam/Beaumont.
  • Démolition des bâtiments et réhabilitation des terrains de l’ancienne cour de services d’Outremont.


The city of Montréal and the University of Montréal are working together to bring to life a new, creative and innovative neighbourhood, at once green and urban, where students, researchers, workers, artists and residents can rub shoulders. 

The project provides for a science complex, including several buildings for teaching and research. Some 1,300 dwellings will also be built, including 30% affordable social housing, as well as a new service yard. 

More than four hectares of parks and other public spaces will also be developed to meet the needs of the present and future generations. 

The two partners see in this project an opportunity to repurpose a giant, ideally located industrial wasteland, to strengthen Montréal’s role as a “Knowledge City”, and to promote the revitalization of neighbouring districts.

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Progress of the work and daily impacts

The city is taking steps to minimize the impact of public works projects on your daily life. To learn about the project’s progress and view recent notices to local residents, consult the Info-travaux map.

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