Your new Web site

Last updated June 20, 2024
Reading time: 2 min

Welcome to Montréal’s new Web site: This new site is the result of a great deal of collaboration and thought. It’s been completely redesigned for you.

We are aware that information wasn’t always easy to find on our old site. Our new site takes a different approach. After analyzing tens of thousands of Web pages, we’ve stuck to the essentials and reorganized the material to make it as easy as possible for you to find your way around. A streamlined menu contains 13 main categories. Among the improvements that the new site features are easier searches and being able to submit requests and applications online.

There’s still work to be done. For some things, you will still have to navigate between the old and new sites. Changes will continue to be implemented in the coming months. But we’re here to help you with those changes. Keep in touch so we can be of service to you!

Fast and easy access

You’ll find useful information on most of the issues that affect you directly. Our goal is to provide you with information that’s clear, up to date and easy to understand. Fewer technical terms and more words that are familiar to you. Plus, a number of our services are now available online. It will truly be easier to get a permit or report a pothole.

Personalized space

My Account is a space just for you, where you can submit requests or applications and track their progress online. Use Notices and Alerts to get an e-mail or text message alerting you to a water main break, a snow removal operation or an emergency situation. New features will be added to personalize your experience even more.

Mobile-friendly browsing

Visit with your smartphone or tablet. The site is easy to browse, with information that is streamlined for your device.

Help us make the site better

Did you enjoy your visit? Did you find what you were looking for? We need your input to help us make the site work for you. We’ve been hearing from more than 4,000 Montrealers a month. Use the form at the bottom of each page to send us your feedback. Your assistance is invaluable.

Enjoy your visit!