Montréal’s HAP: Documentation for occupational therapists

Last updated November 1, 2023
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Are you an occupational therapist who needs to produce a report for Montréal’s Home Adaptation Program (HAP)? Here are some documents you may find useful.

The program standards state that the eligible person must be assessed. This means that an occupational therapy report is required to identify the person’s home adaptation needs. 

In carrying out their duties, OTs may cooperate with other people. These tasks include:

  • Information search
  • Assessment of the applicant’s abilities
  • Support in the process

This cooperation must abide by the laws and regulations governing professional practice.


You will find below the forms and appendices that the city asks occupational therapists to complete as part of for the processing of files under Montréal’s Home Adaptation Program. 

In the case of a specialized device, please confirm the characteristics with specialized suppliers.



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