Netiquette for Social Media

Last updated February 15, 2022
Reading time: 1 min

The city’s social media platforms allow residents to interact with the municipal administration, join discussions, ask questions and voice their opinions.

The following netiquette aims to clearly establish all the rules pertaining to personal conduct and courtesy that we apply on our social media platforms.

Comments and questions from Internet users are read during regular work hours. The city encourages citizen participation and public debate, but expects exchanges to be courteous and respectful. To establish a positive atmosphere and promote living together, it applies rules and reserves the right to remove any comments or ban accounts that fail to respect its netiquette. 

On social media networks, the city will not tolerate:

  • Personal attacks and insults, even those that are humorous in nature.
  • Any breach of a person’s privacy or injury to their reputation. 
  • An aggressive or insistent tone and the abusive use of capital letters (which is equivalent to yelling).
  • Foul, offensive, vulgar, obscene or malicious language.
  • Discriminatory, violent, racist, harassing, hateful, homophobic, disrespectful, sexist or defamatory language. 
  • Questions and comments containing private or personal information about another person. 
  • Statements or photos aimed at discrediting a person.
  • Comments that do not respect intellectual property.
  • Comments that are not relevant to the subject of the initial publication.
  • Any form of advertising or promotional solicitation.
  • Any publication suggesting or encouraging illegal activity.
  • The abusive repetition of messages or publications.
  • Any content that has the potential to endanger the health or safety of others and any form of disinformation.
  • The promotion of a political party, its representatives or Montréal municipal authorities. 

All people are responsible for the content of their actions on the city’s official pages. The municipal administration is not responsible for comments and opinions expressed by Internet users on those pages.

The city reserves the right to change its netiquette without prior notice.