A plan to protect and enhance Vieux Montréal

Last updated December 1, 2021
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Vieux Montréal has become a dynamic district where history and modernity meet. Learn about the strategies proposed in the Plan de protection et de mise en valeur du Vieux-Montréal (Vieux Montréal protection and enhancement plan) to ensure its protection and developpement.

The Plan de protection et de mise en valeur du Vieux-Montréal

Since its designation as a historic district (and becoming a heritage site in 2012), the municipal administration and its partners have been actively involved in enhancing Vieux Montréal. The plan defines the actions to ensure the protection and development of this multifaceted district, which has become a source of pride for Montrealers, and a major tourist attraction.

Three action areas

With the objective of affirming and enriching Vieux Montréal’s identity, the plan is based on a strategy of developing the quality of each of the district’s essential dimensions – as a residential neighbourhood, one of Montréal’s most important heritage districts, and a tourist destination. The plan focuses on three areas:

  • Supporting a complete, high-quality neighbourhood, adapted to daily life and generating its own vitality all year-round
  • Protecting Vieux Montréal’s historical landscapes and managing its evolution
  • Creating a renowned destination that offers an authentic and enriching experience for Montrealers and visitors from the metropolitan region, Québec and elsewhere

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