Preventing violence: The Montréal model

Last updated January 8, 2024
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The Montréal model for a safe city presents our vision for preventing and reducing gun violence in Montréal’s public places. This coordinated approach involving many partners aims to adapt to new realities and restore residents’ sense of safety.

Objectives of the model

  • Make public spaces safer and reduce violence  
  • Adopt an approach coordinated between city actors, the SPVM and its partners

4 actions to prevent and reduce violence

Prevent and reduce insecurity

In cooperation with the SPVM and field workers, target criminal behaviours by individuals and groups, and apply sanctions. 


  • RENFORT hotline 
  • Mobile social mediation and intervention team (ÉMMIS). 
  • School intervention team (ÉMIE)

Build quality living environments

Ensure equitable access to social services, without discrimination or racism, to promote equal opportunities 


  • Inclusive and resilient neighbourhoods approach (QIR) 
  • Inclusive urban development program 
  • Investments in preventing and reducing poverty and social exclusion

Mobilize the community and promote participation in

Favour citizen participation and better meet the public’s needs by involving residents in decision-making. 


  • Participatory budget 
  • Conseil jeunesse de Montréal 
  • Borough youth council

Highlight co-responsibility

Act in the field in coordination with the boroughs, the SPVM, public health, public safety and social services. 


  • Comité stratégique en sécurité urbaine de Montréal (CoSSUM) in collaboration with the Ministère de la Sécurité publique 
  • Mobile referral and intervention team for homelessness (EMRII) in partnership with the CIUSS du Centre-Sud

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