Project to design a family space at Parc La Fontaine

Last updated October 7, 2021
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Work to design a new playground area is underway in the northeastern portion of Parc La Fontaine. This innovative new space, which is scheduled to be complete by summer 2022, offers activities that are adapted to the needs of families, particularly children with reduced mobility.

Nature of work

Preparatory work for the playground area is being performed, including excavation, levelling, sewer and waterworks repair and electricity work. After a break for the winter, work will resume in the spring to design the play fountain area and plant trees and shrubs.

The work zone will be secured with fencing. Existing trees will be protected in the work perimeter.

The redesign of the area will include:

  • Access ramps for children with reduced mobility.
  • A protective surface made of a cedarwood fibre that is specially designed to cushion falls and allow for wheelchairs to travel around short distances.
  • Playground equipment that is adapted to children in wheelchairs.
  • Soothing colour choices to provide a pleasant environment for children with autism.

The design of the family space has two other phases that will be carried out at a later time. The second involves the water area, with restoration and upgrade work planned for the water pavilion and replacement of aquatic facilities. Phase 3 will complete the redesign of existing playground areas located west of the family space.