Redevelopment of Square Viger

Last updated April 15, 2021
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This large-scale project aims to restore the noble heritage of Square Viger, a signature urban space in the heart of Ville-Marie. Showcasing of public works of art, modern amenities and a greener, more accessible environment… the well-being of residents is the priority of this major project.

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From October 1, 2019 to November 30, 2021: Phase 1 - the Chénier and Daudelin islands


In Square Viger, and on Rue Saint-Antoine, Rue Viger and Rue Berri.


In the square
  • Continued construction of the pavilion with the addition of fountains, water basins and various installations;
  • Restoration of pergolas;
  • Installation of trails and vegetation.
Around the square
  • Replacement of infrastructures and road and sidewalk refurbishment;
  • Creation of Express Bike Network (REV) lanes on Rue Saint-Antoine;
  • Lighting works by the CSEM and Énergir;
  • Paving and tree planting.

Progress of the work and daily impacts

To learn about the project’s progress and view recent notices to local residents, consult the Info-travaux map.

To learn more about this major urban project, visit the Making Montréal website.