Rue Grand Trunk: Water main replacements

Last updated December 20, 2022
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Located in Le Sud-Ouest, construction on Rue Grand Trunk aims to stabilize the drinking water supply to the east end of the island and part of Verdun. Modernization of the water supply network also helps us maintain reliable fire protection.

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From March 2021 to Spring 2023. Some work will continue during the 2022-2023 winter period.


  • Rue Grand Trunk, between Rue D’Argenson et Square Tansey
  • Rue d’Hibernia
  • Rue de la Sucrerie
  • Rue D’Argenson
  • Rue De Montmorency


  • Replacement of secondary water mains, with sewer system and lead water connections (residents affected by lead pipes will be contacted about this);
  • Replacement and addition of valve chambers;
  • Addition and reconstruction of sidewalks.


Installed in 1914, the primary water main located in Rue Grand Trunk has reached the end of its useful life. In recent years, recurring breakages have affected the supply of drinking water to residents, and it is now urgent that we remedy the situation.

Specifically, this refurbishment will allow us to:

  • Guarantee the supply of good quality water;
  • Enhance the reliability of the primary water supply network;
  • Maintain reliable fire protection;
  • Maintain good service for future generations.


Although refurbishing the water main is the core objective of this project, it also provides an opportunity for the city to renew and improve various elements of the urban landscape. In fact, this project will help improve the living conditions of people in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Progress of the work and daily impacts

The city is taking steps to minimize the impact of public works projects on your day-to-day life. Read our article to learn about all project progress and the most recent notices sent to area residents.