Rue Rioux redesigned

Last updated February 22, 2024
Reading time: 1 min

After a year of construction, the city is pleased to announce the end of surface development work on Rue Rioux. Learn more about improvements to the street.

Redesigning to improve quality of life

As part of the reclassification of the Griffintown area, Rue Rioux was identified as a peaceful street, with widened sidewalks including continuous spaces for tree planting, which also prioritize pedestrians. Development work on Rue Rioux was targeted as a priority project, as it includes civil engineering work to bury electrical wires in accordance with the agreement between the city and  Hydro-Québec.

Improvements to the street

Rue Rioux is now a more pleasant and user-friendly street for pedestrians, thanks to:

  • A pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Rue Rioux and Rue la Montagne 
  • Widened sidewalks
  • Trees and plants to capture rainwater and green the environment
  • Replacing all light fixtures and poles

A public square has also been built at the north intersection of Rue de la Montagne, with benches and bike stands available for pedestrians and cyclists who want a place to take a break. 

We are aware of the inconveniences this work may be causing you and would like to thank you for your valuable cooperation.