Street lighting: replacement of all light fixtures in Montréal

Last updated December 5, 2022
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Did you know that Montréal has 132,000 street lights? After decades of use, they are reaching the end of their useful life. The city is presently converting all its street lighting to LED technology. This is one of the largest projects of its kind in North America.

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Montréal began the conversion in 2017 and plans to replace all the fixtures over a five-year period. This represents an investment of $110 million. The replacement is being carried out at a steady rate of approximately 2,200 fixtures per month.

In addition to replacing the fixtures, our teams install an intelligent lighting management system that enables:

  • Monitoring energy consumption in real time
  • Managing the street light inventory
  • Responding immediately to any breakage or service outage in a given area
  • Controlling the lighting based on weather conditions, traffic or special events
  • Optimizing maintenance planning and tracking the remaining service life of the fixtures.


Follow LED lighting replacement work in Montréal live using our interactive map.


Continuing until 2022


All across the city


  • Improved visibility: better perception of colours and contrasts and greater uniformity of road lighting, even though the light intensity is reduced by 30%
  • Reduced light pollution: the beams are perfectly oriented, which reduces light pollution toward the sky by 100 per cent
  • Saving money: LED lights last four times longer (100,000 hours) than traditional sodium lights (24,000 hours) and use 60% less energy

Progress of the work and daily impacts

The city is taking steps to mitigate the impact of public works projects on your daily routine. Read our article to learn about the progress of the project and the most recent notices sent to area residents.