Terms and conditions: Applying for a property assessment roll review

Last updated April 18, 2024
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Learn about applicable terms and conditions when you apply for a review of a building on the property assessment roll.

The purpose of terms and conditions is to inform you of your rights and responsibilities and regulate the transaction when you pay your application fees online. 

By using this online service, you are conducting a transaction with Montréal (hereafter referred to as “the city.”) You acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of use for these services and expressly accept them.

“My Account”

In order to use these online services, you are required to create an account on montreal.ca. It will be used to identify you and monitor your application in total safety.

Applicable fees

The fee that is shown for an online review application corresponds to the fees that are set out in the By-law concerning fees of the urban agglomeration of Montréal (RCG 22-037) which are applicable to the assessment unit. You must pay the invoice for your review to be receivable. Once your file has been reviewed, additional fees may be payable in order to adjust the fee according to the situation being contested. You will then receive a notice of payment in the mail.

All prices shown are in Canadian dollars (CAD). When services are taxable, taxes are added to the total amount payable and shown on the invoice.

Credit card

Only payment by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) is accepted. Once you have finished entering your bank information and the transaction has been accepted, the amount will be debited from your credit card account. You will receive an e-mail confirming the transaction as well as a reference number. 

Please note that the financial institution, not the city, operates the online payment system. When you submit your payment information, it is sent directly to the financial institution and does not go through the city’s servers. 

Transactions are made through a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, which ensures that information is encrypted and transportation of data through the network is secure. 


You can ask to be reimbursed only if the city has not begun processing your application. To request a reimbursement, you must contact the city’s property assessment department. Reimbursement will be made by cancelling the transaction on your credit card account. The operation may take from three to seven days. 

General conditions

During the online transaction process, the city is not responsible for any damages resulting from the Internet network, namely the loss of data, viruses, interruptions of service or other problems. 

By accepting the terms and conditions for online transactions, you consent to the city contacting you by e-mail to inform you of the progress of your application in accordance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL).  

In the event of discrepancies between the French and English versions of these terms and conditions, the French version prevails.

The mission of the Web site is to inform you of services offered by the city and how they work. The information found on the site does not replace legislations. In all your undertakings, you must comply with applicable municipal by-laws, borough by-laws and agglomeration by-laws.