Urban Promenades in Saint-Laurent

Last updated May 21, 2024
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Saint-Laurent Master Plan for Urban Promenades proposes a vision for the redevelopment of Vieux Saint-Laurent, the true historic heart of the borough, by combining biodiversity and urbanity on a city-wide scale.

Saint-Laurent’s master plan for urban promenades is in line with Ville de Montreal’s vision of “experiencing the city on foot”, by proposing the development of a network of green infrastructures that combine biodiversity and urbanity on a city-wide scale. This future-oriented project aims to change the way the city is planned and built. Vieux Saint-Laurent—the true historic heart of the borough—was chosen as the key sector for the implementation of the master plan.

With this in mind, Saint-Laurent’s Direction de l’aménagement urbain et des services aux entreprises (DAUSE) organized a “greenstorming session” that brought together residents, merchants, students, key stakeholders in the community and professionals from various borough departments. Over a weekend, multidisciplinary teams developed design and programming strategies for the space in question. The results of this “greenstorming session” formed the basis for the priority action options that led to the development of the master plan.

Three specific hubs were identified to guide the project: the commercial hub, the green corridor and the arts and cultural hub. The complementarity of the three hubs allows for the development of an integrated vision combining urban planning, ecology, culture and art as well as economic and social development.  The master plan presents development intentions and concepts specific to each of the hubs as well as an implementation strategy.

The first step in the implementation of the plan was to create—as part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary—the Place publique Rodolphe-Rousseau, located at the exit of the Côte-Vertu metro station. The second step is to redevelop rue Decelles, as part of Ville de Montréal’s program to set up pedestrian and shared-use streets.