Valve inspection

Last updated April 15, 2024
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The city inspects the valves in its waterworks network each year to ensure that drinking water is properly distributed. When inspections are carried out, it can temporarily lower the water pressure of your faucet or cause discoloured water.

Valves, which are large faucets that shut water flow through a main on or off, are indispensable to the waterworks network running smoothly as well as for maintenance purposes. This is why the city inspects them each year so that any anomaly, defect or breakage that might compromise their proper functioning can be detected.

What is the purpose of valve inspection?

The purpose of valve inspection is to:

  • See how well valves are working and plan maintenance operations if necessary.
  • Keep drinking water supply infrastructures in excellent condition. 
  • Ensure continuous distribution of a sufficient quantity of high-quality drinking water. 
  • Ensure that construction, maintenance and repair work on the network uns smoothly.

How will this impact your daily life?

A temporary drop in your faucet’s water pressure, which may or may not be accompanied by discolouration (yellowish, brownish or reddish/rust-coloured). These situations occur at different times, and are generally of short duration.

Is your tap water discoloured?

If your tap water is discoloured, follow these directions before consuming tap water or using any appliance that uses water.

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