Vision Zero: zero deaths and serious injuries on the roads

Last updated March 28, 2023
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By subscribing to the Vision Zero Action Plan, Montréal has made a strong commitment to road safety. Through concrete, multilateral actions, with the support of its partners, the city aims to have zero deaths and zero serious injuries on its roads by 2040.

Why the Vision Zero approach?

Because one death on the streets of Montréal is one too many.

Here are some statistics on the state of road safety in Montréal:

  • Half of all pedestrian fatalities are age 65 or older.
  • More than 80% of drivers who die are men.
  • 17 pedestrians die each year.
  • Over three quarters of all collisions occur at intersections.

These stark facts are unacceptable in the city’s eyes. That’s why Montréal launched the first Vision Zero Action Plan in 2019. Through this plan, Montréal and its partners have committed to reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads to zero by 2040.

2022-2024 Action Plan

The second Vision Zero fatalities and serious injuries action plan extends this initiative with 42 actions grouped under 11 objectives, using an innovative and collaborative approach.

Actions for a systemic approach

The 2022-2024 Action Plan is structured around four themes that address every component of the road network, collaboration among Vision Zero stakeholders, and data management to improve roadway safety. Here’s an overview of its framework.

Priority issues

  • Ensure safe interactions through design (intersections, road sharing, signage, etc.).
  • Consider vehicle characteristics (blind spots, size, etc.).
  • Promote predictable and safe user behaviour.

Overall risk level

  • Minimize exposure to hazards through mobility planning (bike network, improved safety around public transit stations and schools, etc.).
  • Reduce the number and distance of trips through land use planning.

Knowledge of issues and effectiveness of actions

​​​​​​Prioritize the most relevant actions through data analysis.

Vision Zero Scope

Maintain engagement based on a collaborative governance model of active and ongoing stakeholder involvement in all decisions.

State of Road Safety report

Since 2019, Montreal has published the State of Road Safety, a report that presents the figures for serious and fatal collisions on the streets of Montreal, as well as the actions taken by the Montreal and its partners.

The Vision Zero interactive map 

The Vision Zero interactive map depicts the locations of fatal and serious injury collisions since 2014 as well as the various collision scenarios and some of the safety measures implemented by the boroughs. It paints a picture of how road safety is evolving on the island of Montréal.

You can also visit the city’s Open Data Web site which contains statistics on traffic collisions in Montréal since 2012.

Where did Vision Zero come from?

L’approche Vision Zéro est une philosophie adoptée par la Suède en 1997. Implantée dans plusieurs grandes métropoles à travers le monde, cette approche repose sur un principe de base selon lequel « il est inacceptable que des personnes soient tuées ou gravement blessées lorsqu’elles se déplacent dans le réseau routier ».