Winners of the Grand Prix Opération Patrimoine Montréal 2022

Last updated February 9, 2023
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Discover the winners of the Grand Prix Opération Patrimoine Montréal 2022.

Architecture, landscapes, archaeology and know-how are just a few examples of the tangible and intangible heritage that forges Montréal’s identity. The Grand Prix Opération Patrimoine awards recognize the efforts of citizens to preserve these shared treasures. Here are videos (in French) presenting the award winners for 2022.


Grand prix Prendre soin (Taking Care prize)

456 Rue Saint-Louis - Restoration of the exterior and envelope of the house built in 1828.

Mention Prendre soin (Taking Care honourable mention)

2365 Rue de Rushbrooke: Restoration of a small Second Empire-style detached cottage built in 1880.

1254 Boulevard du Mont-Royal: Expansion of a home that represents the bourgeois architecture of the 1950s.

Grand prix Redonner vie (Restoration prize)

400 Atlantic - Restoration of the envelope and mechanical systems, and enhancement of the interior spaces of this building dating back to 1920. The building was originally used as a cigar factory and then as a clothing factory.

Mention Redonner vie (Restoration honourable mention)

La Gare Windsor - Repairs to the facades and replacement of the 1,115 wood-framed windows of this former railroad terminal and railway headquarters.

Grand prix Savoir-faire (Know-How prize)

M&B Métalliers - Metal and ironwork company specializing in heritage restoration, fine, residential and institutional metalwork as well as public art.

Mention Savoir-faire (Know-How honourable mention)

Edyta Rano and Carole Hili: Painters specializing in decorative and traditional techniques based on lime and natural materials.

Grand Prix Faire connaître (Raising Awareness prize)

Les Marcheurs de Montréal - A podcast series offering tours that showcase the rich architectural, historical and intangible heritage of Montréal’s neighbourhoods.

Grand prix Agir ensemble (Acting Together prize)

Les AmiEs de la Craig - Espace Craig/CHIC is an organization that aims to raise awareness of the history of the former Craig Pumping Station and of the large sewer mains built in Montréal during the 19th century.

Director: Tomi Grgicevic

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